A slew of recent studies has found employees by-in-large aren't happy with their current job, but with a stagnant hiring field and unemployment rates holding steady it may be worth it to look around the office again before taking a leap out the door.

Work less

Don't produce less work, just don't hang around the office when you aren't required to be there. Complete tasks in a timely fashion and adhere to attendance policies, but when the work day is done, go home and do something positive and constructive that you actually want to be doing. Staying happy at work will ensure you keep showing up, and that's always good for cash flow.

Admitting that you don't like a position may sound counterintuitive, but recognizing things about a job you don't like will make it easier to overcome those obstacles. It's like having a financial plan that doesn't quite seem to be working; you have to sit down and work out what the problems are before you can fix them.

Find your fit

It may seem easy to identify what you don't want to be doing, but figuring out what productive things you'd rather do can be difficult. It would be nice to make a living by lying in a hammock, but it isn't really a practical financial plan. Instead, try looking at the things you're good at and see if there's a way to work them into your current employment or determine if they can be viable as a job on their own.

"Energy is born from enthusiasm," said Richard Bolles, author of several job hunting and strategy books, in an interview with The Fiscal Times. "Enthusiasm is born from having a vision of what work you'd most like to do – work that is so winsome you would die to find it."

Tune out negativity

There will always be pessimists and people we don't agree with. Getting away from these influences at work can improve your outlook and overall feeling about a job, so be wary of nay-saying co-workers.

Talk to your boss or HR management about different solutions that might work for you. If you're ready for a change, though, try getting some sound financial advice before outright walking away from a job. The current market is shaky and it's better sometimes to make the best of a situation rather than be left wanting.