A small business is inherently risky. While there really isn't a way to get rid of all the dangers, there are steps that owners could take in order to make the process a little bit easier.

Success is challenging to come by, but it isn't impossible. On the contrary, with some financial investment advice, and a little bit of business know-how – courtesy of people who've been there before – any entrepreneur could get started off on the right foot.

Learn from others' mistakes
Building the perfect financial plan could be a little easier with some hindsight from others. A number of professionals see their ventures fail, even if they've found success in other aspects. While this is unfortunate, their mistakes make for good advice for other small business owners.

For instance, many companies struggle because they truly don't understand what consumers want, according to Forbes. There isn't a level of knowledge about customer desires that is too in-depth. The more, the better. In order to achieve this, owners should start a dialog and continue that process from the moment a product idea is conceived.

Additionally, a leadership disconnect within the company is bad. Steering a business in the right direction requires all of the team members being on the same page, and personal problems – as well as self-sabotage – have brought down numerous other organizations. 

Simple financial investment advice
In some cases, an overly complicated investment strategy is a poor one, according to Inc. magazine. The easier the ideas and decisions are to comprehend, the more likely things will be done right. The best choices are ones that are easy to start, which will help get that initial first step out of the way quickly.

Moreover, an investment plan needs to be easy to maintain. The less hours per day, week and month a small business owner needs to keep things operating smoothly, the better. That means there should be more time to focus on other aspects of the company, as well as a personal life.

A good place for an owner to begin is by removing at least 10 percent of take-home pay and moving it into an account, the news source noted. Then, that should be split into thirds, and invested in separate funds. Financial investment advice should include looking at history, as well. A proper strategy should be grounded in the past – owners might pick a plan that has worked before, so it will be easier to predict changes or make adjustments.