Social media is an extremely important part of any company's financial plan – and one of the most useful sites is Twitter. This microblogging tool can be used by anyone, from teenagers to older adults. And, thanks to this wide range of people, that means a small business marketing strategy that incorporates Twitter can be very helpful to the organization.

However, not enough small businesses are using Twitter properly. While posting short tweets may seem simple enough, there are actually a number of subtle nuances that may require some extra attention. So, here are some social media tips to get the most out of this specific website.

Don't go hashtag crazy
One of the first signs of a novice user is too many – or too lengthy – hashtags. This element can make a tweet that much more effective, but stringing together topics for no reason in particular is a waste of resources.

Entrepreneur magazine pointed out improper hashtagging as one of the biggest mistakes made on Twitter. For starters, using one will categorize a tweet. As a result, other users can click on that hashtag and a list of recent posts including it will pop up, increasing the potential awareness of a small business. That is one reason why they have to be used properly. Professionals on Twitter will note trending topics and incorporate those into their tweets, and small businesses should as well.

Balance the tweet schedule
Just like with other aspects of a company, from a financial plan to business banking, social media requires a time investment. However, this doesn't mean overloading users' timelines with an abundance of posts. 

Blue Cloud Solutions recommended maintaining a less annoying frequency, or finding a happy medium between over-posting and a non-existent strategy. Unfortunately, there isn't a customized approach that works for all small businesses. It is important to tweet often, though, at least several times or more per day. In order to figure out the right number of times, consider how many followers the account has, their interest in the company and other similar metrics. 

Overall, a small business should have a social media strategy that includes Twitter. This site is a fantastic way to reach a large number of people quickly, and it can be a cost-effective and enjoyable boost to any marketing plan.