Attracting customers can be a hard proposition for even the most well-established companies, but for a new venture it can feel nearly impossible at times. It doesn't have to be, though, and every business can develop a solid financial plan to attract customers.

A large fortune isn't needed to increase brand awareness and bring people in, it just requires some ingenuity and creativity. Even if the company has recently moved to a new location – or happens to be brand new – effective communication and strategy might provide revenue boosts and increase customer traffic. 

Be creative to bring in new customers
When some business leaders think of increasing customers, and expensive marketing plan comes to mind. While this may work, it doesn't have to be the case, and some great financial tips involve unique, cheap methods for good public relations. 

For example, giving something away for free has more positive benefits for a company than negatives. Free giveaways are great for improving public image, people will start talking and word of mouth will spread the company name, according to YFS magazine. In addition, it never costs a thing to go and start talking to people. It helps to take to the streets, and do some little low-key meet-and-greets. Constant publicity could start attracting new customers. 

Kindness is a virtue, both professionally and personally. It is useful for a business because a company can pay it forward, YFS magazine stated. The smaller the business' bankroll is, the better it is to think about affordable solutions. One financial plan can involve helping others, offering free product samples, and being friendly. 

How to build customers at a new location
If a company has just moved to a new area, or opened a new store, attracting consumers is a priority. Therefore, great communication is necessary, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Be vocal before and after a move, and keep friends and business partners up to speed about any potential changes. Never forget the simple things like directions, and if the move is for good reasons, be sure to share with the community.

If the company had a strong customer base at the old location, provide incentives for those customers to continue service. Think about keeping them time-oriented, so the motivation is for a visit now, not later.

On the contrary, some people who may not have used the services in a while may find the new area more convenient, so reach out via social media or email to re-connect. The best financial tips don't have to involve spending, innovative, cost-effective ideas can be useful as well.