Not every marketing tactic needs to break the bank or drastically alter a financial plan. In fact, there are a number of affordable, cost-effective solutions out there for small businesses, and these strategies are a must for any company looking to get ahead and increase customer activity.

While there are many ideal financial tips for great marketing, the entire process could be a waste of time if the correct approach isn't taken. Therefore, a small business owner should always make sure that the proper techniques are implemented before getting started.

Cheap marketing tricks for a small business
Many start-ups, entrepreneurs and fledgling ventures are low on cash when first getting underway. If this is the case, marketing might not be the first item waiting to be checked off, according to Inc. magazine. However, there are still a great number of ways any owner can improve this aspect of their company.

For example, the Internet is an important tool, the news source noted. A firm's website needs to both attract and retain customers, and services like Google Analytics can help clarify that area. These metrics illustrate viewer preferences and other valuable data, which allows for an increased level of customization.

In addition, every small business owner should listen to their customers regularly, Inc. magazine explained. No company can build a loyal following without first understanding what the consumer wants. Blogs, social media and other Internet resources all provide unique, accessible – and affordable – platforms for people to offer feedback on products and services. 

Market in the correct fashion
Even if financial tips are adhered to, marketing could fall flat if offers aren't presented well. A great sale is an ideal tool to increase consumer awareness and activity, but it sometimes doesn't work as well as it should.

Beth Smith, owner of Arizona-based marketing firm Smith Browning Direct, shared several strategies to Entrepreneur magazine that any small business could use. For starters, Smith explained that the bait should be packaged correctly. This will set one company apart from the competition. The best way to do this is by understanding the target audience.

In addition, a small business should always include an incentive, Smith added. These give consumers motivation to come back or try something new. Gifts packaged with other products can offset prices and draw in extra interest that might not have otherwise been there.