Having a winning team of top performers can set a small business apart from the competition. Providing excellent customer service, handling issues as they arise and nipping them before they can even occur, managing accounting and taking care of in-house matters are great aspects for a work team to have. If an owner isn't pulling the same weight, taking calculated risks and being forceful about growth, there is little chance these companies, no matter how well they function at their current scales, will increase their wealth.

A nationwide issue

It is true that less money is being handed out in small business loans, both regionally and nationally, the Chicago Sun Times wrote. Reports from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and other government programs show that fewer businesses are having success in securing commercial loans as well, but the blame in this situation doesn't lie completely at the feet of banks. Companies simply aren't asking for money the way they used to.

As a simple principle of supply and demand, when consumers do not ask for goods and services, companies stock less of the these provisions, and in turn, their suppliers reduce output to meet lower quotas. In this same way, rather than inundate the banking industry with billions of dollars that businesses do not seem interested in pursuing, those funds are being allocated elsewhere.

A demand issue, not supply

Inc. Magazine wrote that companies are requesting less money now than they did in the past. This is partly because of unsteady financial indicators, and also because these small businesses have learned to balance business banking better, requiring less third-party funding to get by.

A SurePayroll scorecard revealed that more than 80 percent of all small businesses had not sought any form of outside funding, including commercial loans, for the entire year. Less than one-third of those who did apply for lending privileges were denied, meaning a large part of the current decline being reported in the business loan sector is simply based on a lack of demand.

Companies may be more compelled in the future to seek out additional funding as the economy continues to stabilize, but in the meantime, there is money available, and copious amounts, for qualified seekers. Owners simply need to get a little more ambitious and take the initiative to secure it.