There used to be a saying about New York City that, if you could make it there, you could make it anywhere. Now that status has become resoundingly true for Internet entities, where there is no limit to expansion and a global market for every kind of good or service. Finding the best ways to deliver these deals to the most interested consumers is one thing, but making them work can be harder still.

Focus on social

The last few years have shown that social networks are increasingly popular, not only with consumers but businesses across the board. Tools like sharing, liking and re-posting are free advertising for companies, making the reach of a business and its products far advanced in comparison to serial mailings, email bombardments and pop-up ads that may simply annoy people and turn them off to the business.

Inc. Magazine recommended moving to social media as the best, easiest tool for companies to expand their financial plans and increase revenue. Turning items into shareable images, making short videos, uploading interesting content and providing an engaging experience will encourage more users to keep track of the company.

Close to home

A number of mobile apps and online resources have shown how effective social networks and internet resources are in spreading the word about a business. These sources allow consumers to compare notes, so to speak, on how well a company performs, making it a vital tool to the health of small business' financial plans. Smart investors know that utilizing networks like Facebook and Foursquare can help land more international clients, but lure in more local consumers as well.

PCWorld wrote that the number of neighborhood SMBs using social sites to connect with users was on the rise, as pages like Yelp and apps like FourSquare also helped direct people to companies around the corner. These tools allow people to see how well a business is rated by their peers just standing outside the storefront, and if the word is good, foot traffic into the store may increase.

Focusing on these aspects of advertising is a smart move for any company trying to save money while remaining a competitive marketer. For help with advertising online, seek out an experienced social network expert, and talk to a financial advisor for tips on how to better allocate funding for these projects.