When it comes to your employees, all small business owners want someone they can trust and who will do the job well. You're not going to hire someone who won't make an effort to ensure your company stands out. So how do you go about recruiting upstanding workers?

Be upfront
Despite the improving economy, there's still a 5.7 percent unemployment rate in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means eligible workers will apply to any job they feel they're qualified for, whether they want it or not – this includes positions that don't offer much information in the posting. If you're going to call someone for an interview, make sure you tell them what they're walking into, explained a contributor to Forbes. Talk about your company, what their responsibilities will be and what they'll learn in the position. Convince them that they need you as much as you need a competent worker.

Hire your boss
According to Mark Zuckerberg, that's the key to success. In an episode of his "Q&A with Mark," the Facebook cofounder and CEO explained the best way to staff your company is to hire people you wouldn't mind working for, according to Entrepreneur. If you hire lackluster employees the first time around, you'll likely have to find new workers soon enough. On the other hand, recruiting top-notch employees in the beginning will ensure that you have a competent, hardworking team surrounding you.

Don't recruit unless you need to
It may seem like it's best to have more workers to make your business function smoothly – that's not the case. Don't hire just for the sake of hiring. It'll only hurt your business and your financial plan. You bring people into the company when there's a job no one else can do. Zuckerberg did as much as possible to create Facebook and all its components. When he reached a standstill, that's when he did some hiring, according to the source. Make sure your new employees will fill a crucial position and won't just be doing busy work.

Find some interns
College students looking to gain experience provide businesses with a great opportunity to scope out future employees. You'll be teaching them how your company runs and how to perform certain tasks. You'll get to test out their work ethic before you hire anyone. If you need someone to fill a position, you can talk to any interns that stood out during their tenure with your company.

In order to successfully run a business, you need capable employees you can trust to get the job done. Being upfront and realistic in your needs will help you build the team of your dreams.