Be Cautious – Watch for Scams this season!

The security of your personal information is important to us, especially during this holiday season. Large amounts of electronic transactions and notifications occur this time of year, increasing fraudulent activity.

Awareness should be at a high level. Email and text phishing (a.k.a. “SMS phishing” or “smishing”) scams are designed to use misleading messages to lure customers into giving personal or financial information (such as usernames and passwords, card numbers, or PINs). Phishing messages may look like they are from a trusted source, but pay close attention! Clicking on a link or attachment from one of these messages can be harmful. These scams can:

  • install spyware on your device that can send information from your phone to others without your consent or knowledge.
  • track your web browsing habits.
  • use software to capture keystrokes or images of your device’s screen to gain sensitive information.

First United is committed to helping protect against these types of potential threats. Pay close attention to the types of messaging you receive daily and review our Security resource page for helpful information to stay one step ahead.

Stay in touch with us. If you feel uncertain about a communication from First United, contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-692-2654.