by Denise Phelps, First United Bank Market President

Consider Martinsburg.  It’s an easy enough concept, and as real estate professionals and professionals connected to the real estate market like us bankers, that’s exactly what we encourage people from outside of our local area to do all the time…Consider Martinsburg.

We all have our own ways of sharing our ‘Why’ people should leave the place they call home, and move to, or invest in Berkeley County.  We often highlight the great quality of life, access to a lot of fun local recreational activities, the lower cost of living compared to our surrounding areas, and we even highlight the easy access to other markets through Interstate 81 and the MARC train.

While all of these are great reasons for our residential clients, prospective businesses need a little more concrete data and information to make a decision to relocate.  That’s why the City of Martinsburg gave us an even easier way to highlight all the great reasons that businesses and investors should consider Martinsburg as their next great community to start, grow or expand their business.  In their newly launched website,, Martinsburg’s Economic Development Department shares compelling reasons to invest in Martinsburg.  They included sections with local data and tools, local government plans, and even incentives for those looking to invest in the city. is a one-stop-shop for prospective businesses to find everything they need to know in order to determine whether Martinsburg is right for their next phase of business.  It includes a Business & Investment Assistant, a Commercial Real Estate Search Tool, and Key Opportunities Map.  In addition, the site includes plan documents and zoning requirements to help understand the local business landscape.  Lastly, it highlights incentive programs that make it even easier for a prospective business to make Martinsburg their home.  All of this information is followed up with an opportunity to connect personally with the City’s Economic Development Department for further discussion customized to their business’s unique needs.

City of Martinsburg’s Economic Development Director, Shane Farthing made it even easier for you to see the features and benefits of the new website by creating a video just for you – our real estate professionals!  Click here to get your personal tour of the new site and all its great features.

While we all understand why people should consider Berkeley County as their home, and work to convince people to do so every day, it is nice to have a new tool to share with our potential new neighbors and businesses.  Kudos to the City of Martinsburg for recognizing the need and making it happen.  Check out and share it with someone today. 

You never know, they just may do more than just Consider Martinsburg…