As a business owner, there are certain benefits you'll have to provide to your employees, many of which will have to be worked into your financial plan. However, it doesn't hurt too offer your staff the chance to take advantage of other opportunities. Providing a little something extra will boost morale and show your staff they're appreciated, so why not include one of the following?

1. After-hours classes
Your employees might have a permanent position in your company, but that doesn't mean they don't want to learn new skills. Why not try and teach them something new? Bring someone in from an outside school or company or show them how to do something yourself. Money management is a popular but often ignored skill, according to Fast Company. Not many companies offer financial services to their employees, so why not be part of the few that do?

2. Fun activities
Sitting at your desk nine hours a day, five days per week can get monotonous. When your employees are bored, their productivity is going to go down. Provide them with opportunities that will get them out of their seats and socialize, HR World suggested. Hold contests, play games or have a group lunch. Not only will this make your employees happy, they'll also get to learn more about their co-workers.

3. Casual dress code
While business attire has become the norm for the corporate world, you have a little more flexibility as a small company. Let your workers dress how they want while still maintaining some sense of professionalism. Being in suits and dresses all day can be uncomfortable, but jeans and a T-shirt are tolerable. Make a deal with your employees: they can wear more casual clothing in the office as long as they dress up when they meet with clients, the source explained.

4. Free food
Unfortunately, snacks and lunches won't be free for you and your company, but it doesn't have to be expensive and your employees will appreciate the gesture. It can be as simple as providing fruit, bagels and coffee in the morning. If you have a little more flexibility in your financial plan, treat them to the local deli one or two times per week. When your staff doesn't have to leave the office to get food, they'll be more productive, according to Fast Company. In the end, the money you gain will balance out what you spend on food.

5. Lounge area
Give your employees a space that can be their own. Throw a couch and some bean bag chairs in a room with a TV or magazines and let them have an area where they can take a break from their responsibilities, HR World suggested. When they can step away from their computers for 15 minutes, they'll feel refreshed and prepared to get the job done. This also helps boost your company culture by allowing your workers to socialize and get to know one another.

6. Child care
This will require you to have the space and a certified child care professional, but your employees will be grateful for the service, according to Fast Company. When workers have to worry about their kids, they'll be less focused on their jobs. If they're children are in the building, they'll always know where they are and can check in on them throughout the day. They may also be more willing to stay a little longer to finish a project if they don't have to rush home to get their kids off the bus or help with homework.

There are some benefits that your employees expect to receive, such as time off and retirement plans. However, why not surprise them with some bonuses that will make work more enjoyable? They'll love that you took the time to think of them.