A small business won't be able to succeed without quality employees filling out the ranks. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done, because finding great workers can be challenging in today's tough job environment.

But, it should still be a goal for every business owner out there. A lack of productive, motivated staff members will negatively impact a financial plan and put a damper on the profits of the company. So, the best and most successful firms are often populated with great workers. If these people are hard to find during the hiring process, there is no reason to fear. There are plenty of steps a business owner can take to help current employees become more efficient.

With that in mind, here are five quick tips and tricks to create a productive workforce:

1. Provide financial incentives
Not surprisingly, most workers respond well to financial incentives in the workplace. According to Forbes, offering bonuses and other perks can be the best way to keep employees motivated and productive. Better yet, doing so can also be seen as a way to reward quality performances and help people feel appreciated by their employers. So, if output starts to dip in the office, it may be time to institute a bonus system so workers have something to reach for. 

2. Create educational opportunities
In addition to money, many employees want to learn and build their skill sets while at work. That being said, Forbes noted that offering educational opportunities for workers can be another great way to increase productivity and boost a financial plan. For example, the business owner should pay for training classes, seminars or other programs to help people get better at their jobs. As a result, the company will have more skilled labor and the employees will have increased brand loyalty.

3. Provide the best tools
Even the best workers can't do their jobs well if they aren't provided the right tools. According to Inc. magazine, businesses should make sure that the best solutions are in place to keep workers productive. Cost shouldn't be a major factor here – in too many cases do employers refuse to bring in the best tools, and workers are left scrambling to complete their jobs. Instead, it is better to spend right than to be completely frugal. For example, buy high-quality computers – and watch production soar.

4. Foster a positive culture
The best companies have a culture in place that encourages growth and collaboration. Inc. magazine noted that productivity could increase if people understand the importance of doing things now, instead of later. This relates directly to the culture of the workplace. Employees have to value their jobs and their coworkers, so they should all understand how to prioritize duties. For instance, answering one email may help three other people move on to other jobs during the day, but ignoring it could hold up the entire process. So, that email should be a top priority. Putting it off can have ripple effect that impacts the entire company.

5. Build a team environment
Even productive workers can be thrown off their games if the entire company isn't working toward one common goal. Inc. magazine explained that a team environment is vital for the overall success of the business, and having many people focused on personal goals can be extremely detrimental. This idea of a company-first mindset should be instilled in each new staff member that walks through the door. If they don't treat each customer like they're their own, problems could multiply quickly.