The year is coming to an end, and as a small business owner you should start planning for 2015.

Come January 1, you should make some New Year's resolutions for your business as well as for yourself. The next few weeks should be for reviewing how the past year went, and designing a strategy for the next one. Create a financial plan, an advertising calendar and whatever else you need to ensure that your small business grows in the next 12 months. Make sure your staff is happy and your revenue is growing in 2015 with the following tips:

1. Take a look at last year
The first step to planning for 2015 is taking a look at what happened in 2014, according to Buffalo Business First. It's too easy to look at what you need to do in the future, instead of reviewing the past. However, taking a look at what you did in the previous 12 months will help you plan what you need to do in the following 12 months. Set up some time with your staff in order to take a look at what has happened recently – with your team go over what hasn't worked and what has.

2. Invest in better technology
Often lagging technology can make your employee's jobs more difficult, Inc. explained. If your team is using outdated computers, then they are probably lagging behind in their productivity. Technology can provide your small business with a number of benefits, Forbes noted. For example, it can provide you with some data security. These days, getting hacked is a very real threat for businesses. Investing in enhanced devices will help keep your company's information secure. Additionally, it will speed up operations for your business.

3. Set up a calendar
Map out 2015 month-by-month when you're putting together your advertising plan, Buffalo Business First suggested. Take into account not only holidays, seasons, anniversaries and cultural events, but your business objectives as well. Take a look at your calendar and begin inserting recurring events. Next, throw new happenings into your calendar. Use these events as a foundation for your public relations plan. 

4. Try getting in front of the camera
Not everyone utilizes video as a way to advertise their business's, so it may be a smart idea for you to start, Inman News explained. Videos will cut time from your sales cycle by allowing clients to get an impression of you before they ever even meet you. You can start out by filming a few casual, conversational videos in which you speak about your industry. This will help advertise your small business significantly. And the best part is, as long as you have a video camera it won't be that expensive. YouTube is a totally free medium to utilize, so shoot your videos and upload them in order to get some cheap advertising. 

5. Try taking a risk next year
Many small business owners have annual, monthly or quarterly events that they take advantage of the same way every time. For example, you may release a press statement for a big event coming up – it could be something you've done for this type of event for a long time. This time around, try doing something different. Sometimes an intelligent risk can offer massive benefits. Change is essential for growth,  so try out something new next year. 

When you're planning for next year, take these five things into consideration. They may make designing your 2015 business strategy a bit easier.