Technology is constantly advancing at an ever-quickening pace, and as 2015 fast approaches, small business owners should be aware of the technological changes that will affect them. 

From 3D printing to the sharing economy, the digitization of the world as a whole is consistently forcing business owners to adapt quickly to rapid changes. Innovation will be important next year, just as it is every year, and it is essential for small business owners to keep an eye on this year's changes. Owning a business could change drastically in the coming months due to technological innovation. Don't allow your company to fall behind the rest as they make adjustments to adapt to the digital world around them. Check out the advice below to better adapt to the innovations that will affect small businesses next year: 

1. The sharing economy continues to emerge
As mentioned above, the sharing economy is one thing that will affect decisions small business owners make next year, according to Business Insider. Peer-to-peer services have grown quickly – now people are renting out strangers' homes and cars. The sharing economy will continue to grow next year, fueled by companies such as Uber and Airbnb. Watch out for peer-to-peer companies that begin offering even more services to consumers in the coming year, a variety niche products – some of which you may provide – will soon be swallowed up by the sharing economy. 

2. 3D printing will alter manufacturing for some
3D printing, or additive manufacturing as some call it, has been in the discussion for years, but now it is really becoming a force, Forbes noted. The technology now seems to be ready for mainstream use, and small businesses might be able to take advantage of the emergence of widespread additive manufacturing. This upcoming year could be the one in which small businesses can afford to use 3D printing for their advantage, rather than just salivating at the possibilities. 

3. Mobile will become even more important
In 2015, accessing consumers through mobile devices, and vice versa, will become even more important, Business Insider reported. Starbucks recently reported that one-sixth of all of its customer transactions were carried out via mobile payment, and figures such as that are likely to only go up through next year. Apple also launched its own mobile payment service in October. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the possibilities that arise from mobile payments, and they're adjusting. 

4. Big data analytics will only become more popular
Increasingly, companies are beginning to invest in big data analytics technologies, Forbes explained. Leading businesses will soon begin adopting methods to allow them to sort through and analyze data much more quickly than ever before. This way, you can sift through your financial plan, identify important trends, and improve your next budget with a financial services expert. The tools that allow businesses to identify trends in seemingly meaningless piles of data are becoming much more affordable, which means it is possible for small business owners to begin taking advantage. 

5. Keep your head in the cloud
More and more small business owners are turning to the cloud for an answer to their storage issues, Forbes noted. The global market for cloud services should be hitting about $95 billion fairly soon, and the advantages of fast growing cloud technologies are hard to ignore. Employees have more flexibility, and businesses operate more efficiently, when the cloud comes into play. It's easy to see why all kinds of businesses are exploring cloud storage.

In 2015 technological innovations will drive small businesses in new directions. Use the tips above to make sure yours doesn't get left behind.