Creativity is the key to a successful and prosperous small business. Without a little ingenuity and motivation from the company's employees – and its leadership – there is a good chance the financial plan won't be a strong as it could be. 

With that in mind, entrepreneurs should always be on the lookout for new ways to improve creativity and take more control at the workplace. In fact, this aspect is one of the driving factors behind many people's desire to start a small business. Traditional, corporate gigs can't always offer this type of freedom, and many are willing to leave that life behind for one as an entrepreneur. 

Better yet, there are multiple ways to get creative. Mika Salmi, CEO of online education network CreativeLive, told Entrepreneur magazine that it can take the shape of collaborating with innovative colleagues, working in an enjoyable field or taking advantage of fresh ideas to cater to one's artistic needs.

In order to get started, here are five easy ways to boost creativity in the workplace, whether the small business is well-established or just starting out:

1. Mix up the routine
Small business owners are often set into a routine. According to Entrepreneur magazine, one of the best ways to get creative at work is to mix it up, and make a small change that could lead to new and exciting opportunities. That could include keeping a journal, drinking – or not drinking – coffee as well as taking new risks. In many cases, it can help to be surrounded by creative people, so perhaps the change could be a shift in workspaces or the hiring of a new employee. 

2. Find quality information
Creativity needs to be backed up with accurate information, whether that includes business banking or other data related to the financial plan. Entrepreneur magazine explained that a sound understanding of the economy and the environment around a small business will help support innovative ideas, and it can also make sure that any decision is the right one for the company. It doesn't matter how creative an idea is – if it is the wrong one, it could end up costing the small business money. 

3. Take time to relax
Too much work can stifle creativity, the news source noted. This can be especially true for a small business owner, who often puts in a lot of hours in the office each week. In order to fix that, it may be wise to goof off every now and then. Forget the rigid corporate structure and have fun. Change up patterns, bring in a new toy and allow employees to forget about work for a few minutes. As a result, the overall creativity of the office could increase substantially.

4. Build a support structure
Roadblocks and problems at work can happen to anybody. To avoid these issues, small business owners should surround themselves with a strong support structure. According to U.S. News and World Report, this can be one of the best ways to be more creative at work. Many workers can get stressed when worrying about whether or not the creative decision is the right one. Talking to colleagues about the choice – and encouraging a collaborative atmosphere – can remove those concerns and ensure that no time is wasted debating the topic. 

5. Bring in multiple experience levels
Some of the best employees are the ones who have been at it for decades, while on the other hand, novice workers can provide a jolt to the office environment. U.S. News and World Report noted that having all experience levels in the workplace can be a positive step for creativity. With a solid mix, there is a better chance that innovation and productivity will occur at the office.