Since 1963, the United States had dedicated a week each year to celebrate small businesses across the nation. These companies are supporting their local communities, creating new jobs and supporting innovation. With 2015's event coming to a close, you should consider what convinced you to start a business of your own and what makes you continue every day. If you're just thinking about branching out on your own, take a look at the tips to be a great entrepreneur below :

1. Be passionate
If you aren't dedicated to the service or product you want to sell, you're wasting your time. You're going to encounter challenges along the way and if you're not confident, you won't be able to accomplish anything, Business News Daily explained. You have to want to build your company no matter what it costs. Starting a business is a matter of trial and error and only after many attempts will you be successful. However, you can't be afraid of the journey along the way.

2. Fail
Because a startup is all about trying new things and see what works, you shouldn't be afraid to come up short. You can't truly be successful if you haven't failed at least once, according to Entrepreneur. The more mistakes you make, the surer you'll be about your goals. Take risks and put yourself out there. While it won't feel good to fail, you'll be happy you exhausted all possibilities to reach your final product.

3. Question yourself
Once your product or service hits the market, it's going to have its fair share of critics. While you should always believe in your business, you should also be one of its biggest adversaries. Before you put anything into public view, ask yourself, "Would I pay for this?" If the answer is no, you'd better start over, Business News Daily said. If you don't want your service, why should anyone else? There's no point in working any of it into your financial plan in that case. When coming up with an idea, it's helpful to try and solve a problem that hasn't been answered yet. That way you know you'll have a market for it.

4. Be realistic
Don't jump into starting a business thinking it's going to be easy. It definitely won't be. Go into it expecting there to be obstacles, and once you get it going, don't think that it will be as thrilling as it once was, Entrepreneur explained. You'll still be happy to be in charge of your own company, but it will be a different kind of joy. When your business is running, you're going to have more and varied problems, which can test your passion and dedication. After years of hard work, you'll realize it was worth the effort.

Starting and running a business can be a lot of work, from planning it out to getting it going. However, once you've got everything in place and have gained experience, you'll be happy you set out on your own to follow something you're excited about.