Break rooms are an important space in any small business, and maintaining one that is clean and entertaining for employees is essential to sustaining a good morale. 

These rooms are often overlooked, explained Inc., but a bad break room can eventually lead to counterproductive practices. These rooms are designed to provide employees with a break – both mental and physical – from the daily rigors of work. If they can't relax in a nice break room, then what is the point? While it isn't necessary to turn your break room into a pent house, you should invest in it enough to ensure that your staff is comfortable when on break. Here are a few tips for maintaining a successful break room:

1. Make it all about cleanliness
Some break rooms are made to be destroyed – don't let yours be one of them. Businesses must require employees to clean utensils and wipe up spills in the break​ room in order to make sure it stays clean. But beyond that, set up the break room so that it is easy for employees to keep their space clean. For example, make sure the refrigerator is large enough to hold a number of meals, since many people bring in their lunch from home. A refrigerator that is too small will lead to a stacks of paper bags and boxes that no one will want to sort through. In addition, there should be enough dishes and glasses for everyone to use. Also, make sure there is space for chairs and tables, and a garbage can nearby so trash is disposed of properly. 

2. Differentiate from the rest of the store
The break room is an escape, nor another office. You should decorate to make sure that the room stands out, Inc. suggested. For example, try painting the walls a color not used elsewhere. This will allow employees to disconnect from the work experience and truly relax. This way they can enjoy the scenery, recuperate their energy, and return ready for the second half of a productive day. 

3. A place to stay informed
The break room is also a great place to post important information. The room should have a bulletin board, so that you can post notices relevant to your staff. In addition, try a wall-mounted container if you have brochures that employees may find interesting. In order to make the room relaxing, try posting information related to healthy eating, stress management or exercise. In addition, flyers advertising local community events, such as charity fundraisers, will be well-placed in the break room. 

4. Listen to your employees
Another way to make the break room perfect for your staff, is to give them what they want, Inc. recommended. Just ask what your employees would like in the break room, and they will certainly enjoy the space more. You could even set-up a comment box for workers to suggest ways to improve the break room. Of course, it's not enough to simply ask. Once they tell you want they want, you will have to acquiesce to their requests – at least the more valuable ones. This will show that you actually care about the opinions of your staff. This is a great way to please your employees in two ways – by improving their relaxation space and showing them that you're willing to listen to, and act on, their suggestions. 

Try incorporating some of these ideas, and don't be afraid to seek out financial services in order to acquire the capital to invest in some of them. it will benefit your employees – and consequently the entire business – in the end.