Stress and a lack of productivity are two main enemies for any small business' financial plan. These elements can quickly disrupt a company and sink employees' happiness and health.

Instead of letting these problems get in the way of a successful venture, owners and entrepreneurs should look for creative ways to cut through all of that extra noise, stay focused and be more productive. As an added bonus, this can also reduce stress levels and prevent staff members from getting overwhelmed.

With that said, here are four quick and easy business tips to stay productive, even when that sounds easier said than done:

1. Always stay organized
Just like how a lack of productivity is the bane of any small business owner, organization is its own enemy. Armed with a clear outline for the day, workers will be able to stay on track and not lose focus. Mayra Jimenez, co-founder of the Orchid Boutique, wrote in an article for Inc. magazine that making a list can be extremely beneficial. This can be prioritized in order of importance, and new items can simply be tacked on to the end. This way, it will be easy to be productive for extended periods of time.

2. Keep out distractions
It may seem obvious, but too many distractions can easily disrupt productivity. According to Jimenez, it helps to just shut the door. Whatever happens outside is fine, but this time is for getting tasks done as quickly as possible. It will be even more beneficial to turn off phones and social media as well. With fewer items getting in the way of a solid day's work, it will be easier to stay focused and work toward those important goals.

3. Don't forget to sleep and eat
Laura Shin, contributor to Forbes, wrote that stress can quickly derail a productive day at the office. In order to avoid this problem, small business owners should never forget to take care of their own bodies, in addition to business banking and the company's financial health. So, this starts with a good night's sleep, followed by a well-rounded meal in the morning. Also, never skip lunch and dinner, because hungry people are often cranky and unmotivated.

4. Try to remain positive
Stress can be a one-way ticket to negativity, but it doesn't have to be this way. Shin explained that productivity is easier to achieve if a person stays positive. Try to remember what worked over the course of the year, and which benchmarks have been hit with the business. Thinking optimistically will inspire additional creativity.