Have you ever looked at your sales figures and your business banking statistics and thought that something was off? In some cases, you may actually be turning customers away without ever realizing it.

Many small businesses have problems attracting – and keeping – valuable customers, and the reason why might not be your products. In fact, there are many more subtle reasons why people decide to take their business elsewhere, and finding these issues early will help you fix them.

In order to know what to look for, here are four mistakes you must avoid so you don't lose customers:

1. Avoid making promises you can't keep
Customers value honesty. For a small business, going back on its word can have disastrous effects on its client base. So, Inc. magazine recommended that you avoid overpromising and coming up short. Instead, it is better to set realistic goals so your customers have expectations in line with what you can deliver. Otherwise, they may never again take what you say seriously.

2. Avoid being late to meetings or appointments
Punctuality is also a trait valued by customers. Inc. magazine explained that you should never be late, because not valuing other people's time can have negative consequences on your bottom line. Instead, make sure you show up to meetings when they are scheduled and be punctual to those phone calls. If you're late, let the other party know why. Their time is just as important as yours.

3. Avoid ignoring valuable feedback
Your customers will have a lot to say about your business, so it is best to listen to them. Marina Shulzhenko, assistant marketing director at Provide Support, LLC, wrote in an article for LinkedIn that you must avoid ignoring negative feedback. These comments are vital sources of information about your company, and you should take them seriously and make changes accordingly. Otherwise, you could see your customers head elsewhere.

4. Avoid providing empty experiences
Think about your favorite companies. Odds are, you feel valuable when you do business there. The same should go for your customers. Shulzhenko explained that many firms forget to give people a reason to return. Instead, the experience should be fantastic, with plenty of rewards for loyal clients. Think about where and how you can go above and beyond. That added focus on satisfaction can even go a long way to bringing in new customers, as well as retaining the existing ones.