Chances are, a small business needs more customers. This is often the case with companies, no matter how big or small, and a financial plan can require a boost with additional sales. Therefore, how can owners figure out a way to talk to and attract clients in a cost-effective manner?

For starters, management should analyze every element of the venture, especially the points of customer contact, according to Jeff Wuorio in an article for Microsoft Business. He explained that there is a line between good marketing and going too far, and customers could even be turned away by a forceful strategy.

In that case, each step of the process should be looked at closely, Wuorio noted. What works well? What doesn't? The answers to these questions can shed a lot of light on the overall strategy, and even provide new guidelines moving forward. Regardless of direction, a financial plan could improve with great customer service. As long as clients' needs are being met, they'll come back for more.

In addition, small business owners may want to capitalize on a few cost-effective financial tips and other advice to attract more customers, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

1.  Trim the fat
Many times, small businesses spend money where they shouldn't. Client communication could be a wasted effort if the right strategy isn't taken. It must be clear, concise and effective in order to work. Most customers aren't revolving their daily life around the company, so the interactions need to get right to the point and provide value.

2. Explain things clearly
Certain businesses have confusing jargon. While the meanings behind this language could be perfectly clear to the staff, odds are, clients won't understand. In order to take advantage of all communications, concepts and products should be explained clearly, in plain terms whenever possible.

3. Communicate in chronological order
Whenever employees are talking to customers, they need to explain things in the right order, the news source noted. This is important if these people are to return, so any educational interactions should have a simple order to them. There is no need to introduce confusing concepts, and simplicity is much better in most cases.

4. Inject a little humor
Laughter really is the best medicine. This can even apply to a small business, and marketing – as well as customer communication – can be funny. This doesn't mean companies should put bad knock-knock jokes in advertisements, though. Instead, employees can come across as personable, accessible and friendly.