This year it is easier than ever for people to market their services through a number of channels, so how do you tell a different story than everyone else selling a product in 2015?

Brands are falling from the sky like snow through the Northeast this year, and though snowflakes are individuals close up, it's pretty difficult to tell from far away, so the question becomes how do you make yourself different from competitors? It can be a tough question for a lot of people to answer, but for small business owners it is vital to their financial plan that they invest in forming a robust brand this year. For advice on how to create a stand out brand in 2015, read the tips below:

1. Invest in a mobile marketing strategy
The total number of mobile devices in the world recently surpassed the number of people, according to Screenpush. Persons with mobile devices as a singular market has become vital for small business owners developing an advertising plan, so make sure that your brand is one that acknowledges most people have phones these days. It's fairly logical to assume that much of the time your small business's website will be viewed on some sort of mobile device, rather than a computer screen. You're going to need to make sure that when you develop your website, it is easy to view and navigate on smaller screens, so that people can access your site, experience your brand and discover your small business's story from anywhere, anytime. 

2. Find a cause for your small business to get behind
Despite popular belief about the general apathy of the millennial generation, research shows that this all important demographic is actually quite in tune with what is going on around them, Entrepreneur explained. With businesses clamoring for the attention of this segment of the population more than many others, it is extremely important that you get to them first, with something that they care about such as philanthropy. But that doesn't mean simply telling them that you are driven by certain causes, as many have grown distrustful of this. You have to go out there and do the work of a philanthropic business in order to garner the attention you need to build a strong brand. 

3. Partner with others for guest blogs or cross-promotion
Don't be afraid to have people from outside your business help you get a little boost by granting your expertise to new audiences. For example, you can cross-promote with another business in the area in order to increase exposure, according to Trainerize. Working with another company can promote brand awareness amongst your partner's core demographic and subsequently bring in new customers. In addition to coming up with cross-promotion plans with other businesses in the area, you could build relationships with companies that are willing to publish your advice. This way you will appear as an authority in your industry – not just to those who frequent your stores, but also to individuals who utilize the services of the organization publishing your advice. Even if you don't get paid for doling out your knowledge, the work will pay dividends in other ways by bringing in new customers. 

This year it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd of voices trying to sell nearly the same thing as you are. Use the advice above in order to make sure your business cuts through the noise and develops a stand-out brand.