It's pretty difficult to fit winning the lottery into your financial plan, as hitting the jackpot is a one in a million shot. But based on a new poll, the vast majority of people employees would continue to work if they struck it rich, which is good news for small business owners who rely on their staff.

More than 3 in 4 employees – 77 percent – said they would continue to work despite having won the lottery, according to a newly released poll from staffing services firm Accountemps. Additionally, 36 percent said they would continue to work for the same business they're currently employed with.

Approximately 450 employees were surveyed, all of whom were over the age of 18.

Bill Driscoll, Accountemps district president, indicated that working isn't just a way to get by, but a way of life for many people, providing individuals with a greater sense of purpose.

"Work is a fundamental source of fulfillment," said Driscoll. "Virtually everyone daydreams of receiving a financial windfall and retiring to a tropical island. But most people would choose to continue working in some capacity to stay active or because they enjoy what they do."

The financial well-being of workers is something that most employers are mindful of, which is typically improved through a sound financial plan rather than sheer luck or happenstance. A recent survey from Aon Benfield found that an increasing number of companies are using different planning tools to help their staff prepare for life in retirement.

Nine in 10 employers said that they intend to focus on their workers' financial well-being so that they're in a strong position well into their retirement years, the poll found.

"Employers' focus on financial wellness has been steadily picking up steam in recent years," said Rob Austin, director of retirement research at Aon Hewitt. "This year, even more organizations will address this topic head-on and help workers think beyond just saving enough for retirement and consider all aspects of their financial health."