Improving the way we show your money

Pending Transaction Display

Beginning in January 2021, your account balance will display “pending” signature-based (credit) transactions through Online (Internet) and Mobile Banking. Previously, when these type of transactions occurred, they were not immediately viewable in your account history.

With this change, you will now see a more accurate view of your available account balances and get a faster, more real-time view of all previous, pending transactions. These transactions will now immediately appear in your account activity and your “Available Balance” will reflect the pending charges, while your “Current Balance” will continue to show a higher amount until the transactions have fully processed. Keep in mind, some retailers, such as gas stations and hotels, utilize “holds”, which will also appear as pending transactions until that hold is released.


For example, if Kelly does the following transactions using her First United VISA Debit Card, they appear immediately in her account activity, her “available balance” is updated to reflect those pending charges, while her “current balance” will continue to show a higher amount until these transactions have fully processed.

  • She makes a signature purchase of $163.81 at “Best Buy”
  • She gets fuel at a local gas station “Caseys” and initially sees a $1.00 hold shown on her account
Pending Transaction Example

Got questions?

We have answers. If you have questions about Internet or Mobile Banking charges, please contact your local office or our Customer Service Center at 1-888-692-2654.