First United Bank & Trust Undergraduate, Graduate and Refinance Loans

iHELP Private Student and Consolidation Loans

Whether you are beginning your college journey, managing existing college debt or somewhere in between, we have a private loan product to meet your education financing needs.

First United has partnered with iHELP to deliver attractive, competitive and low-cost student loan solutions*:

  • No application or origination fees
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Get 0.25% off your rate with automated payment from any checking or savings account
  • Easy to apply
  • Personal assistance every step of the way
  • Flexible repayment options – No payments required while in school
  • Apply with a cosigner to help qualify for the loan and possibly receive a lower interest rate

* All loans subject to credit approval.

Make the application process seamless by carefully reviewing the eligibility/credit requirements and interest rates for your desired product prior to applying.

Private student loan

Undergraduate & Graduate Loans
An iHELP private student loan can help cover the funding gap left for college students after they have taken advantage of federal loans, grants, scholarships and personal contributions.

Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Refinancing
Simplify life by refinancing college student loans into a single payment; doing so may also reduce your monthly payment. Private student loans, federal loans, and Parent Plus loans can be refinanced into one manageable payment.

Student Loan Specialist

Photo of Laura Helmich

Laura Helmich

Director of Consumer Services

Certified Credit Counselor
Financial Literacy Coordinator
Student Loan Specialist

  • 30 years navigating the Education Loan process
  • Recipient of multiple service awards within the financial aid community

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