Just like someone's home can say a lot about the person that lives there, a company's office provides endless information about the culture and the people who work there. You want to create an office space that people will want to work in, as well as one that will impress your clients and investors. By reworking your financial plan, you can build a company culture that perfectly demonstrates who you are and what you do. However, there are a few things you should consider.

Who are you?
You can't introduce yourself to others if even you are unable to describe your business. Just because you're one type of company doesn't mean you're exactly the same as the others in your industry, Forbes explained. Your space should reflect your brand and individuality. It shouldn't be designed to fit in with everyone else's business. Figure out what makes your company unique and implement that into the design. You want people to catch the vibe you're giving off as soon as they step foot in the door.

What kind of work style do you have?
Certain office layouts work better for different types of people. Cubicles might seem dull to some, but others might like the privacy. An open layout could be intimidating to your shyer workers, but your extroverted employees may thrive in that setting. The important thing is to offer a variety of work areas that cater to everyone's needs while still fitting into your branding, according to Business.com. Certain cultures support different ideas, so consider what kind of office you want before you start redesigning.

  • Productive – This is synonymous with innovation, the source said. To have a productive company culture, you need the latest and most efficient technology. There should be different types of work areas that allow for flexibility.
  • Creative – To think creatively, you need collaboration. These types of spaces should have plenty of areas for employees to communicate and work together. Because your business is creative, don't be afraid to put some of that uniqueness into the design. Use color, provide lots of open space and invest in comfortable chairs and conference rooms.
  • Fun – An office that doesn't actually look like an office is great for a company full of younger workers. Make sure you have plenty of break rooms and throw a few entertainment equipment in each one. Foosball tables, gaming systems and TVs provide opportunities for your employees to take quick breaks and clear their minds before returning to their desks.

What should your office space do?
First and foremost, your work area should make anyone who enters feel welcome. It doesn't matter if it's employees, clients or investors. Visitors should always feel comfortable in the office. Hang group pictures of you staff working together or having a good time, Entrepreneur suggested. You can also let each employee personalize his or her workspace. Let them bring items from home to put on their desks or on the walls surrounding them. When they feel comfortable, they'll be happier to come into work.

Your office should also inspire your staff. You don't want a stuffy room where people only have walls to stare at. Design a space with lots of windows to provide natural light and to let your employees soak up some vitamin D. If that's not possible, decorate the walls with some color, put out some potted plants or let your workers hang their own artwork.

Whatever you decide to do with your office space, make sure that you add some personality. Let your employees and visitors know who you are and what you're about as soon as they walk in the door.