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Blog Guidelines

  1. The viewpoints and financial information contained in this blog are for general informational purposes and may not be applicable in all situations. Before making decisions about your personal financial situation, you should consult with your banker and other advisers.
  2. This is a moderated community and all comments submitted will be reviewed before they are publicly posted.
  3. To ensure that this blog remains a focused and productive forum, the following types of content will be excluded:
    • Off-Top Comments – Not relevant to the current topic(s) of discussion.
    • SPAM – Content with the intent of sending readers to a website for the contributor’s personal, political or monetary gain.
    • Personal Attacks – Disrespectful and malicious remarks.
    • Illegal Activity – Including unauthorized use of copyrighted material, trade secrets, etc.
    • Offensive Language.
    • Private/Confidential Information – Includes personal account and contact information.
  4. Comments from users under the age of 13 will not be accepted.
  5. First United reserves the right to exclude a comment for a reason other than those previously mentioned.
  6. Comment format must be in plain text; HTML or URL formats are not supported.
  7. In order to maintain the integrity of this blog, employees and affiliates of First United must disclose their employment status when submitting a comment so readers understand the context for their perspective.
  8. Statements made in this blog represent the viewpoints of the individual contributors, not necessarily those of First United.
  9. Links to other websites included in this blog are provided for informational purposes, and First United does not guarantee the accuracy of information on other sites or endorse their content.
  10. We will make every effort to provide valuable information and resources through this blog. However, First United and its employees and agents who participate as blog writers expressly disclaim any liability for damages of any kind whatsoever that arise out of the use of information posted in this blog.