Carissa Rodeheaver, Chief Executive Officer, is pleased to announce that Julie Peterson has been named as Chief Credit Officer. As the Chief Credit Officer, Julie holds direct responsibility for managing and overseeing the asset quality divisions within the bank, including Credit Quality, Lending Risk Monitoring, Commercial Documentation, Special Assets, and Other Real Estate Owned Divisions.

Julie is a highly experienced banking professional with 33 years of dedicated service. Throughout her career, she has consistently provided exceptional customer service, fostering strong relationships.

She is well-versed in underwriting guidelines, loan structuring, and pricing models. With a proven track record of handling highly confidential personal and financial information with utmost sensitivity, Julie thrives in this fast-paced financial environment.

Carissa Rodeheaver, CEO, President & Chairman of the Board

Carissa Rodeheaver, CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board

According to Carissa Rodeheaver, “We are excited to announce that Julie has joined our executive management team. This achievement reflects Julie’s dedication and hard work at First United, showcasing our commitment to nurturing talent.

Julie’s expertise in our Company’s asset quality will be invaluable as we navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Her knowledge and leadership will continue to help guide us through these uncertain times, ensuring our ongoing success and stability.”

Her educational achievements include attending institutions such as the Advanced School of Bank Management at the University of Maryland, the ABA Schools of Commercial Lending, the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University, Maryland Banking School, and the Dunn & Bradstreet Advanced Credit and Financial Analysis course.

Julie resides in Oakland, MD with her husband Ed and their son Charlie. She actively participates in various community activities, serving as a State Lottery Terminal (SLoT) Fund Committee Board Member, SGAA Parent Representative, member of the Loch Lynn Church of God, member of the Loch Lynn Church of God Worship Team and member of the Elk’s Lodge.