Points that are redeemed are taken from all available cards within a Rewards account, using the oldest points first, regardless of which card was used to earn those points.

  • Household Rewards Account Balance: 4,000 Reward Points
  • Card 1: Earned 2,000 Points
  • Card 2: Earned 2,000 Points

500 points redeemed by Rewards member

In the example above, within the household, one Rewards account has two debit cards attached to it and have earned a total of 4,000 points. Each of the cards have earned 2,000 points. A single purchase is made for 500 reward points by one of the account card holders. Card 1, which earned 400 points which were OLDER than any of the points on Card 2, will have those 400 points redeemed; while Card 2, which has 100 of the next oldest points will have those redeemed also. This will equal the total 500 points being ‘spent’ / ‘redeemed’ from the household Rewards account, leaving the Reward account with 3,500 points.

  • Household Rewards Account Balance: 3,500 Reward Points New Balance
  • Card 1: Earned 1,600 Points
  • Card 2: Earned 1,900 Points

This method of point redemption ensures that your oldest points across all your accounts are used first, to help you avoid points expiring.