Businesses are expected to step up hiring in 2015, and if you plan on being one of them, then you should make sure that you are hiring smart. 

A survey earlier this month found that many employers are expecting to hire next year – 60 percent in fact. The Dice Holdings study found that while the majority of companies plan on hiring in 2015, they also find it difficult to locate a qualified candidate. With signs pointing toward businesses bringing on new people next year, chances are you've thought about expanding your staff as well. Choosing the right people is vital to ensuring a successful business. To make sure that you're hiring smart in the new year, go over the advice below on finding the best job candidates:

1. Be active in the hiring process
While your business is still small enough make sure that you play a hands-on role in the hiring process, according to Entrepreneur. While this can be impossible for the CEOs of huge companies, your advantage as a small business owner is that it is very possible for you. For example, take a part in interviewing all candidates who come into the office. You are the one who understands the culture you are trying to establish, so you speaking with the interviewees personally can provide valuable insight into whether or not someone should be hired. This may not work for every business owner, but is a good way to construct a strong foundation for your company. 

2. Keep the interview controlled
Don't allow the interview to go too long or too fast, and focus on the task at hand – interviewing, Business News Daily explained. Though it is important to listen to the questions that job candidates have prepared for the interview, it is also vital that you don't forget what you are doing. Ask the questions you need to before turning the floor over to the interviewee to ensure that you have the right person. But while you're doing so, don't let the interview get out of hand. Keep the pace controlled so that it doesn't go on too long. For a half-hour interview, try to fit in between four and six questions. If you've allotted an hour for the interview, try to get in from eight to twelve questions. 

3. Prioritize culture
Make sure that fitting in with your business's culture is close to the top of your list of requirements for job candidates, Entrepreneur noted. Culture is important to every business, and if you don't take it into consideration when hiring, you could be bringing on the wrong people. When putting together in staff, it will be your job to ensure that each and every person shares the same vision as you for your business. This means that when you're preparing for the interview you should set aside questions to determine how someone will fit in. If you're hiring something for the finance department, make sure he or she understands financial services, but also determine whether the individual will meld with people in marketing, sales and everywhere else. 

4. Prepare for the interview
And speaking of preparing, make sure that you do so every time. Put together questions for the job interview and a list of the most important qualities someone needs to be successful in the position. In addition, be ready to improvise a bit if you need to. Doing this will make sure that the interview focuses on the job and that you identify the right person for the position. Also, uniform questions prepared before interviewing makes job candidates more comparable. 

Hiring is expected to surge next year, and if you want to pick up the right candidates make sure you use some of the tips above.