A corporation may seem like a faceless entity, but it's really a conglomeration of all the people who do or have worked there during its lifespan. These are the people who shape the corporate culture, spread business information and support the inner workings that make it a success. When looking at your financial plan, even a small business owner needs to be mindful that treating employees generically could sabotage the most successful strategies.

We the people

Working like a team means acting like one, but that doesn't mean employees should sacrifice their voices, and as an owner you need to respond to their input. Your staff is probably your most valuable asset and can have the biggest impact on customers and revenue, so never resort to banal emails or general notifications, especially for important matters, Discovery Surveys wrote. There is no room for ambiguous communication on a fully functional team – every person deserves face time, recognition and feedback.

Being open to suggestion and offering incentives for work also help motivate employees, the New York Times wrote. There's a strong tie between giving and receiving when it comes to money, and ideas are not far off. Treat workers the way you would want them to treat you, and a happy, productive work environment should be the result.

Practice what you preach

If you as the boss say something should be done, it's important that it actually happens. That doesn't mean you can't rework things or talk over a strategy again, but once a plan is set, stick to it. You would no more continually switch business banking options than you would wax and wane on an advertising strategy or a policy shift, so leading from the top can get people motivated.

Setting an example by doing also helps other workers avoid pitfalls and excuses when it comes to their own tasks as well, Inc Magazine wrote. Just telling someone the way he's doing his job is incorrect doesn't solve the problem. Offering advice, showing him how to succeed and then performing with the same diligence you expect of him will invoke trust in the business and the team, as well as a more productive workforce.