From wearable fitness monitors to smart appliances, new technologies are improving our daily lives. Banking is one of the tasks that new technologies have helped make easier and faster. Advances in computing, mobile phones, and cybersecurity have made digital banking possible, enabling people to save time. With a personal computer or mobile device, you have instant access to your accounts, as well as a suite of banking services and financial tools at your fingertips.

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of personal digital banking.

Around-the-Clock Access to Your Accounts

With a personal digital banking account, you can handle most banking tasks online and at your own convenience, including:

  • open accounts
  • checking your balances
  • viewing your transaction history
  • transferring funds between accounts
  • downloading statements and other electronic documents
  • setting up alerts for low balances, transactions, and more
  • paying bills
  • issuing stop-payment requests
  • reordering checks

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Mobile banking enables you to bank anytime, anywhere. Most banks now offer a user-friendly app — or you can use your phone’s web browser when you’re on the go. Banking apps typically enable you to:

  • check account balances
  • view your transaction history
  • transfer funds
  • mobile wallet
  • review statements and other electronic documents
  • deposit checks using your smartphone camera
  • pay other people using digital payment options
  • pay bills
  • find a nearby ATM or office

Advanced Personal Finance Tools

Online and mobile banking also offer many budgeting tools.  While some are exclusive to one platform or another, there are those which you can also access securely on the go

Personal Finance. This digital money management tool allows you to connect to any of your personal bank accounts or investments to collectively gain insights on spending, total net worth, creating budgets, setting alerts and goals. This tool is available through online and mobile banking, so you can achieve your financial goals – from anywhere.

Credit Insights. This personal mobile banking tool provides a direct view of your credit report, right at your fingertips. You can view changes to your credit score and learn how to improve your financial wellness with alerts, offers, calculators and simulation features.

Biometric. If you use a smartphone for Mobile Banking, you can enable Fingerprint Sign-on or facial recognition to add an extra layer of security to safeguard access to your account.

Banks continue to add to add to and upgrade our digital banking tools to ensure our customers can take advantage of the latest digital banking technologies.

Simplify Your Banking

Personal digital banking helps make your life easier. For many banking transactions, you no longer have to take time to go to a local branch. You can perform many banking activities with a click of a button.  Even better, digital banking offers powerful financial wellness tools to help create and achieve your financial goals.

Whatever your banking needs, one of our helpful associates will help you understand and use all of our digital banking solutions. Call customer service or visit one of our Community Offices to speak with a Relationship Advisor today about getting starting with personal digital banking.