Personal Banking
Digital Enhancements

Your Personal Digital Banking solutions continue to be enhanced to include the latest features available. This resource page outlines these enhancements, along with any additional resources and information you may need.

September 2021


Personal Finance Tool

This new money management tool, available on Internet and Mobile Banking, is a secure and innovative new way of viewing all of your personal accounts, from multiple financial institutions, all in one place! With this tool, you can more easily:

  • Enjoy automatic categorization of your transactions
  • Know your monthly spending habits
  • Make budgeting fun with bubble budgets
  • Pay off debts more efficiently
  • Monitor your net worth
  • Save for your goals
  • Get notified when you overspend


Bubble Budget Example Image

August 2021

Deposit Item Visibility

Within Internet Banking, you can now view both your deposit ticket, along with any associated items (checks) deposited as a part of that transaction. Simply click the camera icon to open the viewer to see your ticket and items.

Image showing deposit and camera icon on Internet Banking

May 2021

Credit Insights

This new credit reporting, monitoring, and education tool is built right in to our Mobile App! First United has partnered with SavvyMoney to bring you a direct view into your credit reporting information – in real time!

Get instant access to your credit score, credit report, personalized money-saving offers, and financial education tips on how to improve your score or maintain an already great score.

Be sure your My Bank Mobile app is updated to the latest version to access this great feature!

Credit Insights Dashbaord image

February 2021

Android Biometric

Customers using Android devices for Mobile Banking can now enable Fingerprint Sign-on to quickly and securely access account information. To begin Fingerprint Authentication, you must have a minimum Android OS of 6.0 (Marshmallow). Available Android phones that support Fingerprint identification include but are not limited to:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus & Note 5
  • HTC One M9 Plus
  • Lenovo Vibe P1
  • Huawei Ascend Mate 7
  • Meizu MX5 & MX4 Pro4
  • Lenovo Galaxy Alpha
  • HTC One Max
  • Any future new Android OS (6.0+) devices supporting Fingerprint

Be sure your My Bank Mobile app is updated to the latest version to access this great feature!

Premium Alerts

Our Internet Banking Premium Alerts enhancement takes alerts to the next level! Now alerts offer the option to receive text message notification! Opting-in for alerts allows for better account monitoring, a way to react quickly to prevent any potential fraud, and follow-up more easily on various finance-related activities. Once enrolled, you will be proactively alerted to important service and account events, such as:

  • Contact information has changed
  • Deposit account has been opened
  • External transfer activity
  • Password changed
  • New Notice or Tax form is available
  • Balance alert
  • External Transfer status
  • BillPay payment notice
  • Payee added or changed
  • E-Bill received
  • ATM/Debit card transaction processed
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Product and Service announcements
  • And more…

Log in to Internet Banking today to begin configuring your Premium Alerts for greater account visibility and security!

Personal Online & mobile Alert Sample

Enroll Today in Premium Alerts

  • Setup alerts by logging in to Internet Banking, then access the All Menu > Settings > Alerts
  • From the Settings menu, you will also find the Contact Information section where you may choose two of the three options for receiving alerts: Primary email, Secondary email, or Mobile phone number for SMS text messages.

Transactional Out-of-Band Authentication

We are always placing the highest priority on the safety and security of your accounts at First United. The Transactional Out-of-Band Authentication is a security feature that further protects your accounts from potential fraudulent activities. When performing one of these transaction types using our Mobile app, you may be prompted to validate your identity:

  • Submitting a Transfer between First United Accounts (based on transfer amount)
  • Making a Payment Request through Bill Pay (based on transfer amount)
  • Adding a new Payee

Nothing has changed with the way that these transactions work, we’re just adding additional security when they occur! You will need to be sure you are equipped with iPhone® (iOS 9.1 or higher) or Android™ smartphones (Android 4.3 or higher). Additionally, we always recommend you download the latest version of the My Bank Mobile app to get the most out of your mobile banking experience.

Transactional Out-of-Band Authentication Screen Samples