Family is incredibly important. You rely on them for support, guidance and friendship, and having this strong structure in place can make it easier to balance your work and your personal life. However, many people bring family into the workplace as well, and this can throw a wrench into the entire relationship.

If you are interested in hiring family for your small business – or have already done so – you might realize that problems can arise quickly, both at the office and at home. But, there are many benefits to having close relatives at work, so you may want to find a few ways to ensure that everything is as seamless as possible.

In order to keep your financial plan on track while working with family, here are three simple ways to ensure business success:

1. Make sure your family can contribute
Recently, several SCORE small business counselors offered some advice to Inc. magazine on how to balance family in the workplace. The first thing you should keep in mind is that they must be able to contribute to your company. Never hire a family member simply because you are related. Make sure they can do the job and have the skills needed to do it well. Most importantly, don't give them any favors or cut them any slack. They have to be treated like everyone else.

2. Don't hide them from other workers
Hiring family is nothing to be embarrassed about, especially if they are treated like equals and deserve the job. Inc. magazine explained that you should never hide the fact that they are family from the other people in your small business. This can create more problems, and it is always better to be honest and open with your staff. Plus, make sure you share business information with your employees equally, and not play favorites with your family.

3. Separate work and home
If your family employees live with you in your house, it can get challenging to separate your work life from your personal life. However, stressed that you must leave the job at the office. Try not to talk about business around the dinner table and avoid checking emails while off the clock. Above all else, schedule some quality family time too. Make sure you take vacations and have time to relax without the pressures of the company looming over your head.