As a small business owner, there will come a time when you need to stand in front of an audience and give a speech. For many, this moment is nerve-wracking and terrifying, and it can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities. For others, it is the time to shine. 

Becoming a fantastic public speaker should be a goal of any leader, because being able to give a presentation in front of an audience can have a number of benefits – from boosting a financial plan to networking and increasing the brand's awareness. Therefore, for those who struggle with this task, now can be the perfect time to put in a little bit of effort and get better.

In order to achieve this goal, here are three traits that make up many effective public speakers:

1. Knowledge
It may come as no surprise, but a firm understanding of the subject matter will make public speaking much easier. According to Inc. magazine, all great speakers know what they are talking about – and you should too. Study the topic you have to present on, and learn all the tricks of the trade, such as how to structure a speech, body language and other key performance elements. This way, you'll look like you know what you are doing in front of a crowd, even if it is your first time.

2. Vulnerability
Everyone has been in an audience at one point where the speaker seemed to ramble on for ages, saying a lot without actually providing value to the listeners. Inc. magazine recommended vulnerability as a trait to avoid this common problem. Connecting with the audience is a great way to appeal to them, and you must be sensitive and come across as a real person. The end result will be a more productive speech, and the crowd will often like you more when it is over.

3. Confidence
Above all else, great public speakers need confidence. The Muse explained that being unsure of yourself when speaking can be disastrous, and it will prevent the audience from getting engaged with what you are saying. If you are timid before presenting, try to hide those emotions and study your material. Understanding what you have to talk about will make it all easier, and this knowledge will show as confidence on the stage. The goal should be a smooth, effective speech.