The pandemic has likely got you spending a lot of time at home. A lot more time “physically distanced” from others. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside and not interact with others at all! We want to help facilitate our communities to stay engaged! On this page, we’ll be sharing fun activities for the family to enjoy during these challenging times! 

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At Home Financial Education Tools & Games

Banzai Junior

Designed for kids aged 8 to 12, Banzai Junior uses the storyline of a summer lemonade stand and the goal of a new bike—or hoverboard for the financially daring—to teach concepts like interest and fees, envelope budgeting, and discretionary income. This course also weaves in activities like quizzes and counting currency.

Banzai Teen

Created for users aged 13-18, Banzai Teen gives teens the opportunity to work through real-life financial problems in a safe environment. Throughout the course, the user's goal is to save enough money to register at Vanderbilt Community College, but unforeseen challenges and quirky scenarios makes reaching that goal not-so-straightforward—just like real life!

Banzai Plus

Designed for users 16 and up, Banzai Plus calls for users to embrace adult-sized obstacles and learn about concepts from paying off debt to credit scores. Like all Banzai courses, Plus shows users how to spend their money on what matters most and how decisions have far-reaching consequences.

Steps to Keep Yourself & Your Family Safe

Stay Up To Date & Informed
Stay up to date by following credible, official sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government health department.
Stay Healthy & Use Healthy Habits
Know how the virus spreads, take steps to protect yourself and others. Find details on this on the CDC website by clicking here.

We’re here to help.

If you are facing uncertainty, early communication with us is important, and we’re here to help! Reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss all the available programs, options and solutions that we can offer to help support you and your business. We have supported the local communities we serve, those that we call home, since 1900 and we will continue to deliver on our promise of uncommon service and solutions, through the good times and the challenging times.

Find a Fun Activity for Your Family

Many families are finding fun ways to stay connected with their community and have fun during this challenging time. Below are some of the ideas that have been shared with us that you may want to try. 

  • Get Active
    • Go outside! Enjoy the sunshine that has been peeking thru the clouds!
    • Go for a walk and get some exercise!
    • Play Cornhole or other Yard Games with the family
  • Game Night Ideas
    • Dust off the old board games and challenge your family!
    • Play a game of Fishbowl – Learn how here…
  • Movie Night
    • Stream movie night!
  • Family Yoga or Workout
    • Gather the family, it’s time for a nice stretch and a great workout!
  • Neighborhood Distance Gatherings
    • Some neighborhoods are setting up lawn chairs in their driveways, playing music, grilling out and having a “distanced” block party from their own yards.
  • Recipe Trading Time
    • Use this time to share/trade recipes with friends and family. You can easily share these by text or email to stay safely “distanced”.
  • Binge Challenge
    • Some folks are choosing to fire up their favorite streaming service and get thru all those shows you’ve been meaning to watch; how many shows have you binged?
  • Help Those In Need
    • Some families have started a “mask challenge”, having their family help sew masks for local hospitals and nursing homes. How to make a mask.