Positive Pay

With our easy Positive Pay solution and branch network monitoring, you can be protected from fraud and potential losses. With Positive Pay, you’ll upload the serial numbers and amounts of every check you’ve issued. When a check is presented for payment, My Bank compares the numbers and amounts to ensure that it’s a check you’ve written. Any checks that don’t match will be brought to your attention.

  • Enhance your pay/return decision making
  • Maintain tighter controls of your disbursements
  • Review suspicious items efficiently and effectively
  • Get enhanced Positive Pay protection through our Community Office network

First United offers three additional ways to protect your business with Positive Pay. Choose any or all of these additional options that will meet your unique needs.

Payee Positive Pay

The check payee is added to your check files for comparison purposes, adding an additional layer of security.

Reverse Positive Pay

Every check presented to the bank is considered an exception item and you can decide if the check will be paid on the next business day.

ACH Positive Pay

This solution gives you the ability to set up ACH debit blocks based on ACH parameters like dollar amount or ACH company ID.

“First United is more than just a bank. They are people who genuinely care about you!”

Lesley Casey
Casey's ATA Black Belt Academy