Floorplan Lending

Expert floorplan financing solutions are critical to your dealership’s inventory management, sales success and overall profitability. Let First United fuel your new or used dealership with inventory you need, ranging from auto to large equipment.

Consult with our Commercial team today to learn more about:

  • Serving your dealership
  • Various types of supported inventory (auto, boat, RV, and more!)
  • Competitive rates on new and used inventory
  • Customized credit arrangements
  • Automated processing, getting faster access to your funds
  • Advanced inventory tracking and searching through DataScan
  • Our dedicated resources to personalize your experience
  • Additional commercial and business services

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Our team of dedicated business bankers is readily available to offer support and assist in growing your business. Unleash your full potential with First United.

“My Bank opened the door with open arms to us. They were very supportive and were excited about what our plans were and very helpful. They are there for any needs that we need. They have given us many different ideas for what they can do to help us make our business better and bigger.”

Wendy L.