Doug Yurechko, Owner of The Comus Inn

I had seen a story on the news about people stealing and manipulating checks from the post office. After sending a whole batch of checks from my business account, I accessed First United Bank & Trust’s Positive Pay service and avoided check fraud of over...
Bel Air Car Loan

Bel Air Car Loan

Thank you to the staff at the Bel Air branch for making our dream of getting a Camaro come true! You all are so friendly and great to work with. Thank you!

Dr. Ken R. Buczynski, MD Wellspring Family Medicine, PC

When I first moved to town, I was happy to use ‘the local bank.’ I did chuckle at the ‘My Bank!” slogan…but now I must admit, it has become an accurate descriptor as I now call First United ‘my bank. First United has become a...