So, your small business financial plan is solid. What's more, you're following sound financial investment advice, streamlining your cash flow management process and using commercial loans to their maximum potential. Your smart decisions are most likely being reflected in your company's performance as the economy continues to recover from the recession. All of these factors may be prompting you to think about taking your business to the next level by hiring your first worker or workers.

However, employee hiring should be approached with caution. This is especially true if you've never done it before – in which case, you're not alone, according to Doug and Polly White, authors of "Let Go to GROW: Why some businesses thrive and others fail to reach their potential."

"No one is born knowing how to hire and manage people," Polly told the the Reuters Entrepreneurial blog.

Taking the first step

According to the Whites, the first step to successful hiring is knowing what you want. Put together a specific profile based on skills and attributes that are both preferred and required. These may include holding a degree in a specific field, being familiar with a particular software program, having a good work ethic and being a "people person."

Clearly defining what you're looking for will not only save time for your company, but also for applicants. Providing a comprehensive picture of what you want in a candidate will likely encourage those who think they've got what it takes and dissuade job-seekers who would probably not be a good fit for the position.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

In order to attract the widest range of people, it's important to advertise as much as possible. The Whites note that small business owners are often reluctant to post ads on job sites because they want to avoid an avalanche of resumes. However, it's better to get too many applications than too few. After all, a shallow hiring pool might result in your company hiring a mediocre worker because you think they're the best out there.

Maximizing employee success

Once you bring employees on board, there are things you as an entrepreneur can do to maximize their success. For instance, small business owners often arrive earlier in the morning than their workers. Use this time to set things up for them so that when they arrive, they can get straight down to work instead of having to get things ready.