Social media can make the life of a small business owner a whole lot easier. From the most popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to the more niche, like Vine and Instagram, these resources can be exactly what a company needs to bolster a financial plan.

Why is that, exactly? For starters, social media is a cost-effective strategy, often needing little to no money in order to get underway. While there is a substantial time commitment for these sites, it is often well worth the investment. With them, it will be easier to reach a wide audience and bring in more potential customers than ever before.

Before signing up for social media, though, it may be worth noting a few social media tips for better small business marketing.

Twitter can be a valuable asset
Twitter can work for anybody, from teenagers to small businesses. Therefore, it should never be ignored when a company is discussing a new social media strategy. 

Suzanne Lucas, a contributor to Inc. magazine, wrote that Twitter can make a person's life and career better, and there is a lot to learn from the experts. Sarah Salbu, a senior account executive at SHIFT Communications, provided some social media tips to Lucas about how to improve this specific aspect. For example, it may be worthwhile to live tweet during a convention, in order to stay focused and have an easy way to check back later to see what topics were talked about. Better yet, this can provide value to followers and keep others interested in industry news.

In addition, Twitter can be a valuable resource to meet new people and get into more meetings, Salbu explained. A good social media presence could attract the attention of other professionals, and it may even become an extremely important networking tool. Because of that, Twitter can be used to reach out to other people. It never hurts to tweet at colleagues or other leaders, and there is no penalty for taking a chance here. It can also be a fantastic way to stay connected with people known in real life – at its core, it is about relationships, first and foremost. 

Use Facebook to engage others
Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, and for good reason. It is a fantastic way to stay connected with others, meet new people and build relationships. What's more, just as mobile banking is so valuable to a small business, the on-the-go aspect of Facebook can be a perfect complement to any social media strategy. 

According to Danielle Cormier, social media community manager for Constant Contact, marketing and Facebook are a perfect match. In fact, many small business owners are already doing this if they have a page set up, and they should make sure that everything looks great in order to get the most benefits possible. For example, it has to be designed with mobile devices in mind. The page will look different on a computer compared to a phone, so it is worth checking out before getting started.

In addition, Cormier explained that the Facebook page for a small business has to be up-to-date and complete. This is because many people use the site to find companies, instead of other more traditional options. The business hours, location, categories and other elements all have to be filled out properly so no potential opportunities are missed. Most importantly, small business owners should always be aware of how their organization is reflected on social media. It is worth the time to search the name online and see what pops up. That way, any problems can be quickly fixed and a financial plan can stay on track.