Not everyone has a Renoir lying around in their attic, but if you have antiques or other high-value collateral to offer when you apply for a business loan, it may help you secure a higher dollar value and lower rate.

Valuing valuables

Depending on the kind of loan you're applying for, a bank may request physical collateral in the event of a default or other inability to pay. Sometimes potential owners may cash in their prized possessions at pawn shops and the like in order to put toward financing a future enterprise, but depending on the fair market value of a painting or piece of memorabilia, you might do better to get it appraised and offer it to your financial services provider as a safeguard in a loan, according to CNN. Usually this means you'd have to go to a personal asset company or the like, but ask your community bank about alternative funding and financing options that may be available in this instance.

Tuning in to programs

If you work some valuables into your business' financial plan, you might be concerned about losing one investment if another fails. In that case, other small business leaders have started special programs to help educate and fund those just starting on the path, like the Samuel Adams Brewery. According to CNN Money, the company started an initiative called 'Brewing the American Dream' for those pursuing startups in the brewing, food and drink industries, that provide mentoring classes while pairing owners with loans and other funding.

Ask an official

There are state programs that not all owners bother to look for. The Small Business Administration has loan guarantee programs for some businesses, while local authorities provide similar assistance in acquiring loans without a full collateral load on a state-to-state basis. These programs also may carry special requirements and caveats for recipients, so be sure to read all accompanying information before you even apply. If the loan program is meant to help assist with hiring initiatives, for example, don't apply if you're looking to improve your current equipment holdings.

Knowing the kind of initiatives available to your business as well as the kind of funding you may already have access to based on valuables in your possession can help you get your business going quickly and smoothly. Talk to a business banking specialist for financial tips if you need help finding the right loan and funding tools for you.