The last few months have seen an upswing in consumer confidence that is helping small companies keep positive account balances and promote business banking, but maintaining the trend through the holiday season could take some creative strategizing. With higher foot traffic and overall orders for products and services, entities may find themselves hard-pressed to keep up with everything using only existing staff. Adding more full-time personnel may also not be financially tenable for all organizations at the moment. Finding an alternative way of obtaining help is crucial at this junction.

Short engagements a plus
To get the necessary staffing, but keep budgets under control, some companies turn to a financial calculator and figure out where other cuts can be made to construct a paycheck for a new hire. Others simply recruit seasonal employees. These individuals can be paid hourly or per diem, can be given specific, basic tasks to take the pressure off regular workers, and then can be let go at the end of the holiday shopping season.

Such an appealing scenario prompted 80 percent of hiring managers to respond in an Aon Hewitt holiday hiring survey that they believe their staffing requirements will be met in that manner this season. By creating a scenario where more personnel are available only for a certain period relieves business owners of the stress of salary requirements, benefits and other scenarios and expenses likely to arise when hiring a regular member of staff. It also allows the owner to retain a seasonal employee as a full-time worker if he or she so chooses – about one-fourth of all jobs created this holiday season will be offered as permanent hires instead of temporary positions, Aon Hewitt reported.

Best case economy
Companies rely on consumer confidence and national employment to bring them more customers and revenue. As job-creating engines themselves, businesses regularly make new positions that help both themselves operationally and the country monetarily. Keeping business banking in the black requires both forces to be working together.

CNBC wrote that a National Retail Federation report showed about half a million jobs will be offered over the next few months for temporary job placement. These positions include actors for seasonal attractions, vendors for holiday fairs and corporate displays, as well as expediters at every step of the process and customer service representatives to act as the face of the company.