Business owners have to be mobile. A fact of life for many entrepreneurs and managers is travel, since meeting business partners and clientele can span the country, or even the globe. Business mobility can be as easy as working from the office, it just depends on having the proper tools, financial services, useful technology, and the many comfortable amenities that working from the office offers. Thanks to advanced phones, tablets, and computers, an increasingly mobile workforce has made running a small business remotely a possibility.

The right tools make all the difference
A critical aspect for a mobile workforce is having the right tools. Technological advancements provide the means necessary to operate most business on the road, and it all starts with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These devices can be loaded with all of the software needed by a business owner.

A CDW Small Business Mobility Report covered how mobile device users and IT professionals used their technology over the course of 2012. Nearly all of the 752 people surveyed found that their mobile tech made the job easier, with only 6 percent disagreeing. In addition, 67 percent felt that their companies would actually lose ground over their competitors if they didn't have these mobile solutions. This trend is expected to hold throughout 2013, as well, with more advanced gadgets and software being released.

"Small business users consider productivity and business apps on mobile devices to be game changers that make them more efficient and competitive," said Jill Billhorn, CDW vice president of small business. "They want still more apps to help them manage unique aspects of their businesses, and the prospect is for dramatic growth in tablet use."

Ensure your company is secured
With the growing desire of small business professionals to have mobile tech, it is important to remember to have quality security protocols in place to protect the businessperson on the go. Only 51 percent of the people surveyed by CDW said their company had a good strategy for managing and securing their mobile devices. That  number includes mobile device users, and Billhorn added that out of the IT professionals only a fifth said that their company has a security plan or intends to use one in the near future.

Use the right apps to get a small business moving. Many specific ones exist, geared directly to a mobile workforce. For example, DocScan can quickly upload documents to a mobile device, while there are a number of good mobile banking solutions, and professionals who can help chose the right one. Even social media can be a huge help to a small business. Don't hesitate to turn to these in order to help promote a company, and reach new consumers and business partners.

Don't forget to be comfortable
It might be easy to get lost in all of that technology, but don't forget to be comfortable. While it can be great to have the tools to actually operate a small business, if the person behind the screen is tired, flustered, and sore from a poor night's sleep the quality of work will suffer. Don't forget to be comfortable.

Bring the right bags. Something that offers great functionality, but is also sturdy, and easy to carry. Don't get anything that is painful to bring places. Load a bag up with all of the technology, and also add some snacks to keep energy levels up. Pain relievers and other medicine is useful, as is some quick laundry fixes for the stain that will eventually show up.

Creating the right financial plan centers around being prepared, and bringing the right tools when ready to hit the road. Don't leave the office without the proper technology and creature comforts needed to run a business efficiently.