For some, saving money comes naturally. They add a certain amount of their paycheck every month without fail. Others are not so dedicated. This could be for several reasons. Some people lack financial discipline and simply spend too much money. Others may have a lot of credit card and other debt that they think keeps them from saving money. Some may not make a lot of money and have little left over after the bills are paid.

No matter what our saving or spending style is you can find an online app that will help you improve your finances. Here are our top five.

Best app for the overspender: Albert

What if you received a notification every time you bought a latte at your local coffee shop? Albert is a great app for those who have a difficult time tracking expenses like coffees and restaurant meals. The app can also automatically move money into savings and help you with investments. You can sign up for free.

Best app for the non-saver with limited income: Acorns

Good money management not only involves savings but growing your money as well. The Acorns name reflects their commitment to helping people invest, even if it’s just $1. The micro-investing app also helps you find discounts at restaurants and retail outlets. It only costs a $1/month to sign up for the basic service and no more than $3 for an FDIC-protected account.

Best app for the serious budgeter: YNAB

If you join YNAB, which stands for “You Need a Budget,” make sure you are committed to better money management. That’s because you will spend $83.99 a year to access the app’s features. But you do get a plethora of money management tools that will force you to account for every dime you spend.

Best free app: Mint

Like other apps, Mint helps you create a budget and then sends you a notification when you are close to exceeding that amount. Two great things about Mint: It gives you a look at your big financial picture, and it’s free to use.

Simplest App: Pocketguard

Pocketguard does the math for you. The app calculates how much money you have left after you pay the bills (and hopefully save a few bucks) and helps you track your spending. Sign-up is free.

No matter which app you use, you can connect it to your First United Bank and Trust’s YouFirst Checking account. Not only will you manage your money better, but you will have several free features, including five stop payments and protection not only for your account but for your cell phone as well. The YouFirst Checking account will put you in control of your money.