What should the priority be for a small business owner? Is it to work 12- to 13-hour days, or find ways to be more efficient and create a better balance between work and home? 

While many entrepreneurs brag about putting in insanely-long work weeks, there is a better way to be productive and boost any financial plan. This is often a key mistake made by driven workers everywhere – a lot of time at the office doesn't always equal great success. Instead of falling for this trap, small business owners should figure out how to manage both time and money more effectively.

Avoid these problems
The life of an entrepreneur is one full of a busy schedule and numerous tasks. While that means a long day, it also isn't an excuse to be overworked and unproductive. According to Entrepreneur magazine, there are several solutions to be more strategic with time.

To begin, the best way is to avoid common problems. For instance, some people find that too many opportunities can lead to confusion and misdirection, the news source noted. Small business owners could want to take advantage of all of them, but this might force a person to react instead of being proactive. In addition, too many resources could also be a problem. With an abundance of funds in a business banking account, it might feel like the right answer to any question is to spend money. Instead, it may be best to think creatively and act strategically. 

Address the cash flow
Once a small business owner gets their time management under control, the money should be looked at. According to Business 2 Community, the goal here is for solid cash flow and a clear understanding of this crucial financial aspect. 

In order to get started, entrepreneurs have to remember that cash and profits aren't the same. Some people make the mistake of trying to pay bills on profits alone, but this won't work. On the other hand, an influx of cash in other areas is more indicative of a successful business. Profits can be earned without bringing in any real money, so this metric can often mislead the company.

Overall, small business owners who balance money and time management effectively have a better chance of growing. Entrepreneurs don't start out with the crucial skills needed to succeed, but learning them as quickly as possible is a very good idea.