A Civic Ventures study released in November of last year found that one-quarter of American citizens between the ages of 44 and 70 were interested in starting their own companies. However, having the dream of starting your own business is very different from having a passion, Inc. magazine notes.

"A dream often is a snapshot moment of idyllic perfection (while) a passion is an ongoing burning that compels you," the source explains.

Business consultant Tom Searcy offers several ways to determine whether aspirations of owning your own company are a pipe dream or a full-blown passion.

Imagine your company in its opening-day dream state, then its ideal position three years down the line. How will you get it from point A to point B? Make a list of what you'll have to do every day, separating tasks into categories of "passion" and "things I have to do." It's likely that you'll be spending a lot more time on things you have to do. Then ask yourself if you can live with this state of affairs for three years.

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