For those of us who have entered the workforce, stress is no stranger. We can feel it when we’re overwhelmed at work or when we think we feel like we’re losing control. It can even follow us home. To alleviate some of your anxiety over work-related issues, follow the tips below:

1. Relax at home
When you’re immersed in the comfort of your house, your job should be the last thought on your mind and when your workday ends, so should the actual work. According to the American Psychological Association, setting work-home boundaries can reduce the amount of stress you feel during the day. Don’t check your emails at home and don’t answer phone calls during dinner. Keep anything work-related out of your nightly routine, and you’ll feel more relaxed.

2. Get organized
It’s hard to feel calm when things are all over the place. If you’re worried that you’ll misplace something or even forget it altogether, you won’t be able to relax. By organizing your tasks and responsibilities, you’ll feel a lot better. Time magazine suggested separating your work into categories instead of having it spread out haphazardly on your desk. This will help you prioritize what you need to get done. To-do lists are also great for organizing your thoughts. They allow you to see everything you have to do right in one spot.

3. Leave work on time
While it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, it doesn’t mean you should spend your life at work. You can’t relax at home if you’re never there. Shane Snow implemented a “no cowboys” rule at his company, after noticing employees, were staying well past working hours, according to Inc.

“[It] started forcing people to go home at 6 or 7 to get some sleep and live a little,” Snow explained. “t helped both morale and energy.”

4. Develop positive ways to deal with stress
There are many ways to deal with the pressures of work; however, not all of them are positive. Just because your salary doesn’t fit into your current financial plan doesn’t mean you should be pessimistic. End your day with an optimistic outlook. You can get this through a variety of ways – meditating, working out or spending time with loved ones. Getting enough sleep and doing things you enjoy will also help relieve your anxiety, according to the APA, so make sure you set aside time to do it.

While you may not like the feeling it gives you, stress isn’t always a negative thing. Sometimes it can be a good motivator. However, if you develop positive ways to handle it and establish a clear work-home line, you’ll be able to lessen your stress overall.