A small business owner always has the goal to make more money. Now that the end of the year is fast approaching, 2014 could be the perfect time to make some changes and expand a company.

In order to pull this off successfully, though, leaders should consider a few key financial tips. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make some added cash and take advantage of a number of opportunities. 

Analyze the entire company
It might not sound fun, but a small business owner should consider reevaluating the entire operation. Taking the time to look over a company could uncover many new chances to make money.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, a firm should become an investment, instead of an expense. Essentially, this means the product has to be marketed in a new light. Customers have to see additional value in the service, or else they'll view it as another one-time expenditure. If the company can spin its product into something that has a long-term benefit, people will be more motivated to buy it. 

In addition, the price has to reflect value – not time, the news source noted. While it can be tempting to charge an amount based on how long it took to make the product, that might not be enough. If it will end up creating extra revenue for the consumer, a small business could raise the price in relation to that change.

Become a better leader
While looking at the company is a great way to improve a financial plan and make more money, small business owners should also think about themselves. There are a number of strategies to become a better leader, and therefore help the company succeed.

According to Nellie Akalp in an article for Mashable, owners should invest in tools to improve performance. This could mean buying new software and other resources, and purchasing whatever it takes to become more productive and efficient. Furthering one's education can also help. Leaders can visit conferences, classes and networking events in order to learn more about his or her industry.

Moreover, a small business owner must always reward themselves for hard work, Akalp explained. Many managers spend a lot of time complimenting their staff, but forget to take the time to thank themselves. After that next big client is landed, it might be time for a nice dinner or a day off.