In years past, a physical office was a necessity for businesses everywhere. Now, that has shifted. More owners, managers and employees are learning the benefits of going mobile, and that has allowed all added freedom and a different view about how today's work is completed.

Technology is a major reason as to why. With these portable devices, anyone can stay connected and productive – wherever they are in the world. For a small business, a financial plan could receive a boost if more workers branch out and utilize mobility.

Why people don't rely on offices
An actual office is still a highly useful concept. Not all companies need to remove it altogether, but there are a lot of positives for going mobile, according to Forbes.

For example, collaborative technologies allow the Internet to be the only thing an employee needs to get the job done. Everything important can be done virtually, with online meetings, document creation and other presentations all performed in cyberspace. That makes working remotely not only easier, but in some cases preferable.

In addition, this level of freedom is also made easier with high-quality mobile devices, the news source noted. Collaborative technology lets users work from the road, anywhere they want. Resources such as mobile banking can help employees keep finances in track while away from the office.

Moreover, mobility may also improve a financial plan. Many companies could save money by letting their employees work remotely. That may cut down on office expenses – such as rent and supplies  – which could help reduce many costs in the long run.

Tips to use mobile devices effectively
Everything may not run smoothly just because a small business has remote workers, however. While the prominence of mobility is a big plus on its own, great applications and useful technology can make or break an entire operation, according to

For starters, a small business should use a mobile device as an organizational chart. Growth within a small business results from generating revenue, so those tasks should be focused on. This type of busywork can be delegated to mobile apps, not other employees. That may leave more time for business owners to focus on creating new clients and building relationships.

A small business may be especially hamstrung because of lack of employees, the news source noted. In some cases, mobile technology can pick up the slack at a fraction of the cost. Overall, this may be the best improvement to a financial plan.