As an employer, you’ll want to reward your workers for the hard work and excellent performances they do. However, as a small business owner, you won’t be able to afford some of the same benefits that larger companies can. That doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation. The tips below will allow you to reward your employees without draining your business banking account:

1. Casual Fridays
Depending on your dress code on a daily basis, letting your staff dress down at the end of the week can feel like a gift, according to Entrepreneur. Casual Fridays will allow your workers to be comfortable at their desks, as opposed to sitting in dress clothes. While there should still be some kind of dress code, jeans are definitely preferable over slacks.

2. Flexible schedules
Instead of giving them the typical 9 to 5 day, allow your employees to make their own hours, Mashable explained. Your workers know the time of day that they’re the most productive, so let them work around that. Make sure they know that there is no flexibility with meetings and deadlines and that they should be in before noon. Aside from that, let your employees come and go as they please. As long as the work gets done, there’s no need for strict hours.

3. Work from home days
If you have a business that doesn’t require you and your employees to be in the office every day, why not designate one day to work from home? People will appreciate not having to come into the office five days a week, and getting to relax in their home workspace. It may take some practice learning how to manage a remote team, but if you keep the lines of communication open and constant, you’ll be able to make the switch, according to the source.

4. Small tokens of thanks
Your employees like to know their hard work is being noticed. Whether you make a big or small gesture, they’ll appreciate seeing your thanks. Send them a thank you note, offer to write a recommendation or give them a little extra time on their lunch break, Entrepreneur suggested. No matter how small or inexpensive, your workers will enjoy being recognized.

Showing your staff your appreciation doesn’t mean you have to work extra expenses into your financial plan. Flexibility, thank you notes and casual dress days provide your employees with recognition without putting a dent in your finances.